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Selection method of Outsourcing Services Provider.

The selection of outsourcing services provider with reliable and professional , consistent with its requirements is a concern for the officers. When so many companies , including foreign -invested and domestic companies wishing to use outsourcing services as a trend in modern management and create competitive advantage, pulling that, a lot of outsourcing service providers was established, creating a lot of options, it cause wondered of the needed service company for the selection of suits your requirements, reliable and best quality.

Nhan Kiet Manning Provider Co., LTD will give some advises on the  solutions to select quality, professional outsourcing service provider, which most appropriate for your works through the following steps :


  • Identify objectives and needs of the use of outsourcing services .
  • Introduction of the detailed requirements for outsource service providers .
  • Support fact-finding survey work and the requirements of your company.
  • Organize tender for about 3-4 providers were invited, quote request.
  • Pre-select and the providers was selected areinvited to present preliminary plans, processes and management systems .
  • Provide common situations to learn, evaluate the flexibility to offer solutions to service providers.
  • The price of the service.
  • Brands unit provides reference information and services from the unit before use .


We wishing you susess on selecting outsourcing service provider who and bring the highest value for your company . We, Nhan Kiet Manning Provider Co., LTD  always confident that we will meet the most stringent requirements from you , hope to have a chance to cooperate with you .

Author : Huy Le

Director of Nhan Kiet Manning Provider Co., LTD





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